Annual SSHOA Dues

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Tree Trimming Update

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Elks Lodge Rebuilding Update 

August, 2016 - see photos of floor reconstruction

A Message from Exalted Ruler, Jose Chavez

Dear Members,
On July 28th the lodge contractors were able to
pull the building permits. This has been a long and
tedious process. It has been close to a year since
we started the process to obtain the necessary
permits. We have reached a great milestone in the
journey to rebuild our beloved lodge. We thank you
for your support and patience as we now start the
building process. If you have any questions concerning the rebuild,
please address them to the lodge officers during the meetings or
email me direct at I usually will answer
within the same day as received.

Please do not bother the contractors as they are busy trying to get
us up and running as soon as possible. We have already had
members crossing over into the construction site and stopping the
contractors to answer questions. Please stay out of the construction
site. Barriers are placed there for the specific reason - to keep
everyone safe during the rebuild. We need the contractors to focus
on the rebuild and not how members are walking around the
construction site looking for answers. Let them do their job.
As construction is going on the leadership of SPEL will now focus
on the insurance claim. In the next few months, we will be working
on a final settlement on the claim. Trust that the officers are working
hard to achieve the best settlement possible. This will take some
time and hopefully we will have good news to follow.
We have had a rash of trespassers into the pool area. Please if
you see someone in the pool, call the police. The harbor division has
been notified about the trespassers, but we need your help in getting
them cited. With your help we can spread the word that trespassers
will be dealt with.

Thank you for the continued support
Jose Chavez

* * * * * * *

LAWARC Video (Los Angeles Waterfront Access & Redevelopment Coalition)

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Annual SSHOA Dues



San Pedro Public Market


Ports O'Call


San Pedro Public Market

Wayne Ratkovich and his LA Waterfront Alliance

revealed the design of the rebranded Ports O'Call

at the well-attended Warner Grand March 2 public meeting (see video).

Here is the website for more details:

Here is the Daily Breeze story.

Wayne Ratkovich, Councilman Joe Buscaino, Mayor Eric Garcetti,Gene Seroka, Executive Director, Port of Los Angeles