South Shores Homeowners’ Association
Pre-Paid Members for 2016


David and Sandy Akins

Larry and Frances Allen (LM)


Richard and Mary Alvidrez (LM)

Dr. Robert Autore


Antonia Banks and Anna Fox (7)

George Beck (6)


Robert and Nancy Bell (3)

Doug Bell and Denyce Gusha (3)


Dennis and Sylvia Benko (LM)

David and Patty Bentovoja (2)


Richard and Mary Binns (2)

Frank and Maria Bird (LM)


Joe and Linda Bird

Bill and Delia Boehle (LM)


Yvonne Bogdanovich (LM)

Pete and Frances Bosnich (2)


Mike and Keri Botello (2)

Bob and Maria Bradarich


Joseph Breakfield (LM

John Brunac (LM)


Dr. Richard and Myrna Brutti (LM)

Jenna and David Bunnell (LM)


Guiseppe and Geralyn Buscaino (2)

Marvin and Pamela Byrd


August and Cynthia Caimi

Dee Cassimus (7)


Harlan and Thelma Chin (LM)

Sebastiano and Maria Ciolino (3)


Hal and Sandy Clayson (4)

Norman and Nancy Cook (2)


Ann Craig (LM)

Deana Crosswhite


Bill and Candy Cueto

Nick and Lucia D’Ambrosi (2)


Dan and Niki De Meyer

Mr. & Mrs. Libby Di Bernardo (LM)


Shawn and Danielle Domzalski

Capt. Patrick and Suzanne Donohugh


Graem, Michelle and Reese Elliot (LM)

David and Antonia Estep (LM)


June and Melvin Eve

Joe and Gun Fagin


Anthony and Lourdes Fernandez (2)

Edward Fong and Leslie Fiske (LM)


Cayc and Nolan Fukuwa (LM)

Carolyn Gatlin (LM)


Frank and Patricia Gladich (7)

Richard and Nancy Golding


David and Antoinette Gonzales

Bernice Gonzalez and Maria Garcia (3)


Deborah Green and John Powers (6)

Jeffry Greenwood and Jennifer Roberts


Henry and Elizabeth Gutierrez (LM)

James and Elisa Gyerman (LM)


Vern and Joyce Hall (LM)

Paul and Anita Hamilton (2)


M.J. and Nancy Hazelwood

Pete and Betty Heintz (LM)


Michael and Merita Hendrex (2)

Diane Herbkersman


Dr. Steven and Laurie Holmstrom (LM)

Linda Honey (LM)


Emily Howard (2)

Bill and Lisa James (LM)


Lowell Johnson and Gigi Chow (LM)

Terry Katnic


Mike Kennedy and Shelia Hawes (2)

Pete and Marilyn Kloock (LM


Raymond and Toni Knight

Linda Krammes and Lou Aguilar


Kim Kromas (6)

Ken and Johnna Kuhn


Laurence and Heidi Kurtz

Rick and Lora Lane (LM)


Myron Lockrem and Arlene Dickey

Michael Logan (4)


Mike and Sally Logan

Joe and Norma Lomento (4)


Frank and Marsha Lozika (4)

Randall and Katherine Main (LM)


Stephanie and Deborah Mardesich

Yvonne Marinkovich (LM)


Eva and Melissa Martinez (4)

Mark and Sue Mc Kenzie (3)


Barbara Mc Namara and Franz Dittrich

John and Kerry Mc Osker (LM)


Ed and Stephanies Mc Pherson (LM)

Harry and Kate Mc Watters


John and Evette Medina

Jeff and April Mitre


Paula Mullenix (LM)

Mike Myles and Milissa Douponce (9)


Harry and Catherine Nakata

Dr. Mohamed and Joan Nasr (LM)


Joan Nielsen and Timothy Castle (LM)

Alan and May Ling Ober (LM)


Bob and Thelma Ortega

Victor and Mimi Ortiz (3)


Hank and Joy Palmer

John Parks (LM)


Scott Perry and Tamara Nelson

John and Geri Ann Porter (3)


Ruth Porter

Dr. Stephen Read and Diana Kos (LM)


Bill and Betty Reichert (LM)

Emma Reinie (4)


Thomas and Gayle Reu (2)

Susan Rodriguez (LM)


Ron and Maria Roemer

Frank and Pamela Rorie (LM)


Robert and Mary Ryabik (LM)

Harry Salavurakis


Brian and Anne Shannon (5)

Kevin and Antoinette Smith (LM)


Richard and Veronica Smith

Eddy and Dana Spralja


Loa Sprung (4)

Anthony and Marian Stavros (LM)


Ed and Jo Ann Storti (5)

Rita Stratton (2)


Dr. David and Ruth Taylor (2)

Vito and Lori Terzoli


David and Jo Anna Trafford

Jim and Jan-Maree Trevillyan


James Trudnich and Rosemarie Lauro (LM)

John and June Tymczyszyn


Van Alexis Ulrich

Anthony and Roxy Vitalich (2)


John Wallace (LM)

Mingli Wang and Mark Arata (LM)


Robert and Maureen Watts (LM)

Richard Welsh (LM)


Kurt and Sharon Wickline

Gary and Nancy Young


Rhea Zaks and Maurice Gainen

David and Rose Zatz (2)


Pilar Zuanich (LM)


(No.) = Pre-paid number of years remaining including 2016

(LM) = Lifetime Membership

Questions regarding pre-paid status may be directed to Vern Hall at 1-310-832-6807 or